An Invitation…To Become a Study Missouri Supporter

If you seek stature in international business, global trade or student-centered commerce, we invite you to become a Study Missouri supporter.

Study Missouri, a consortium of public and private colleges and universities throughout the state, was established in 2009 to encourage international education. The consortium promotes Missouri as a destination for international students, and encourages and assists Missouri college and university students to study abroad.

International Education is Growing in Missouri

Missouri ranks 12th in the nation in the number of international students enrolled in the state’s colleges and universities. During the 2014-15 academic year, more than 21,000 international students attended college in Missouri, contributing $615 million to the state’s economy. These students came to Missouri from around the globe to enjoy top academic programs, low cost of living, a welcoming atmosphere, spacious campuses and a safe environment. The number of international students studying in Missouri grew by more than 19 percent last year.

Each year, approximately 5,000 Missouri students participate in study abroad programs through their colleges or universities. The popularity of study abroad programs continues to rise as the benefits of international education become known.

International education enhances understanding of other cultures, promotes the exchange of knowledge and skills, and prepares students to actively participate in the global economy.

Supporter Benefits

Becoming a Study Missouri supporter provides you and your company with many opportunities to reach local and international clients through:

  • Visibility on the Study Missouri website –
  • Visibility to tens of thousands of international and domestic students
  • Visibility to international education professionals around the world

Visibility at special events, such as

  • International Education Day at the Missouri Capitol
  • The International Educators Conference (NAFSA)
  • Social events for international students and their advisers
  • Professional development seminars for international education staff
  • Poster sessions and panel discussions by Missouri students who have studied abroad

Study Missouri is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation, so your contributions are tax deductible.

Supporter Levels

Individual Supporter Opportunities

Individual supporters are treasured by the consortium. StudyMO members are involved in many things around our great state, country, and world. We would be happy to work with creative-minded individuals to find sponsorship opportunities that benefit both parties.

We will proudly display your individual name on our website and brag about your uniqueness!

Website Sponsor

Everyone deserves to have answers to their questions. As an organization, we do our best to provide solid answers on our website. StudyMO is a consortium of the 21st century. We continually improve and update our website to be as accurate and transparent as possible.

Partner with us to help tackle the occasional costs of website updates and maintenance, and we’ll proudly display your company, organization, or individual name on our website! We will also give you shout-outs on our social media platforms!

T-Shirt Sponsor

StudyMO has several events every year. An important part of promoting the Consortium at these events is having giveaways, and there’s no more reliable freebie than a promo T-shirt.

Partner with us to help cover the cost of producing our promo tees and we’ll proudly display your company, organization, or individual name on each one! We will also give you shout-outs on our social media platforms!

*Sponsors do not take part in choosing color or design.

Event Table Sponsor

Events highlight the consortium at the local, regional, and global level. Help StudyMO with registration and travel expenses for specific events, and we’ll bring you with us (metaphorically of course)!

Partners will have their company, organization, or individual names highlighted at our event table! We will also give you shout-outs on our social media platforms!

Lunch Sponsor

“‘A Consortium marches on its stomach’ – Napoleon Bonaparte” – Iain Gould, StudyMO.

Partner with us to ensure that snacks are provided at our StudyMO meetings. We have six meetings a year where members host guest speakers, discuss changing federal policies, and talk about individual case studies.

We will proudly display your company, organization, or individual name on our website! We will also give you shout-outs on our social media platforms!

Current Supporters

Go Today - Travel your Way

Established in 1990, Go-today specializes in customizing faculty led educational tours. It is part of the largest leisure travel company in the world but is operated as a standalone company within that larger umbrella, allowing us to provide you with the resources, stability and buying power of a large company, but with the service that you would expect from a family run organization. We offer dedicated sales and operational teams to guide you through the planning process, as well as local service contacts in destinations to take care of any of your travel needs. Together, this provides the peace of mind that you will receive world class service at competitive rates.

LewerMark has been providing student medical insurance plans for international students studying at Missouri schools for over 22 years.

We’ve seen the growth of international education programs – inbound, ESL and study abroad – explode and continue to expand state and nation-wide.

We feel we’ve played a vital part in that growth by offering innovative plans to Missouri schools across the state. LewerMark plans feature a 100% international risk pool, customized enrollment programs and our own in-house claims, administration and customer service support to our client schools and their students.

We’re also proud of the fact that we’ve been a Missouri-based, family-owned and operated company for more than 50 years. Our sister company, Lewer Life Insurance Company, is domiciled in Missouri. We know the Show-Me State, it’s our home. And we’re excited to work closely with you to make Missouri an international education destination.