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A Clear Advantage

The number of Missouri students studying abroad is growing every year, and the advantages are clear.

The Academic Advantage

The Personal Advantage

The Professional Advantage

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The Academic Advantage

Studying abroad improves your foreign language skills and immerses you in a culture different from your own.

Becoming fluent in a different language exercises your brain’s ability to process information, provides a better understanding of your own language and helps you converse and read with improved meaning.

Immersion in another country’s culture and history provides context for your understanding of world events and current political affairs. Your study abroad experience will have application to an infinite range of academic pursuits. Whether you study business, literature, political science, agriculture, history, journalism or any other academic field, being able to compare and contrast your own culture with those of other countries provides many new insights into your chosen field.

The Personal Advantage

Studying abroad gives you confidence and the skills you need to adapt to a changing world.

The ability to navigate, converse and engage with citizens of another country expands your capacity to adapt to situations you

may encounter later in life. It builds your knowledge that, when confronted with challenges, you will have the confidence to approach them with a positive attitude.

Studying abroad also provides a better understanding of your own culture and values. It requires you to think critically about the “givens” of your own life and surroundings compared to the experiences of citizens of other countries. This exploration of other cultures enriches you personally while preparing you to consider the needs and values of others.

The Professional Advantage

Technology and commerce bring nations together now more than ever. Studying abroad equips you with the tools you will need to be successful in the global economy.

Studying abroad teaches you to adapt to other cultures and values in order to engage with potential colleagues from around the world. The ability to act and converse appropriately in another country is seen as an asset to companies that do business beyond U.S. shores.

Missouri institutions that offer study abroad opportunities also provide support systems that help you translate your experiences in another country to your career goals. Studying abroad helps build a résumé that potential employers will notice because it signifies your ambition and ability to succeed in different, sometimes challenging situations.

Considering a study abroad experience?
Learn more!

If you are considering a study abroad experience, use this website to link to member institutions’ study abroad programs. Click on the institution name; on the institution’s home page search for “study abroad.” You will gain a wealth of experience and knowledge by taking advantage of these opportunities.

Top 5 Reasons to Study Abroad
  1. See the world
  2. Gain perspective about your own country
  3. Explore your heritage
  4. Learn a language
  5. Improve your earning potential
Salta, Argentina

Salta, Argentina. Photo by Madeline Blasberg, 2012 International Education Photo Contest Winner

Brussels, Belgium - photo by Ellen Brummer, 2012 International Education Photo Contest Winner

Brussels, Belgium – photo by Ellen Brummer, 2012 International Education Photo Contest Winner

Sevilla, Spain

Sevilla, Spain. Photo by Emiley McCambridge, 2012 International Education Photo Contest Winner